Get On Your Path Of Lasting Freedom From Food Addiction
With Support from Debbie, the Freedom Team
& A Sisterhood Of Like-Minded Women Who Are Sharing The Journey Alongside You.

I'm Ready To Start My Journey!

You're Ready For Freedom From Food Addiction

Does any of this sound like you?

If any of this sounds like you, please know, you are not alone. It would be my honor to support you...

I'd love to show you how to...

If this feels like a pipe dream for you right now, I’m here to tell you - it’s not.

I got on my path of freedom by taking one tiny, incremental step at a time in the midst of major self doubt and anxiety. I’ve now been living free from food addiction for 10 years…

In my first year on the path of freedom from food addiction, I discovered simple foundational practices that were so effective, that upon implementing them, I almost immediately started experiencing more ease around my relationship with food.

Then, I noticed after a few months, I wasn’t restricting calories during the day and bingeing at night anymore. 

I also wasn’t constantly thinking about food either. I could sense when I was actually hungry and I started to only eat at those times.

I even found myself going to places where I always used to binge – like my parent’s house, buffets, etc., WITHOUT even wanting  to overeat.

Something had changed and it was all happening without me thinking about it. I wasn’t trying to be “good.” It just felt normal – my new normal.

Over the last decade I’ve helped thousands of women use these very same foundational practices to get on their path of freedom from food too.

If we can do it, so can you!

I discovered that when women align in BODY, MIND and SPIRIT, their relationship with food falls into alignment as well.

NOW Is The Time To Get On Your Path Of Freedom From Food Addiction.
And That Starts With Building A Strong Foundation

So whether you’re just coming to terms with having a food addiction…


You’ve been ready for FREEDOM from food addiction for years…

What's Included



Inside this 3 month program, you’ll discover how to get on your path of freedom from food using simple techniques designed to bring you into body, mind, spirit alignment. So that you can start developing an internal sense of ease and comfort that makes reaching for food (an external source of ease and comfort) a thing of the past. Here’s what’s included...

3 Online Training Sessions with Deb -Includes PROVEN tools and practices (2 hrs - Valued @ $1297)

3 Clarity Breakthrough Group Coaching Calls (2 hrs - Valued @ $997)

3 Accountability & Action Calls (2 hrs - Valued @ $497)

5 Day-A-Week Virtual Coaching In Your Private FB Community (PRICELESS)



Get Your Mind Aligned


Come Home Inside Your Body


Make Food Your Spiritual Practice

What Women Are Saying…

“I’ve stopped thinking about what to eat all the time, I’ve dropped 3 sizes and I lost 20 lbs without even focusing on it.”

“My life today is free, fulfilling and joyful!”

“I am so grateful for the care, community and prayer-based tools that have set me free!”

PLUS: Get These Extras

BONUS #1: Activate Your Freedom From Food Jumpstart Training (2 hrs – Valued @ $1000)

BONUS #2: Freedom Embodied 3 Day Virtual Retreat (Valued @ $1.000)

BONUS #3: Freedom Embodied Guided Meditations (Valued @ $500)

BONUS #4: Two Exclusive VIP Audio Trainings (Valued @ $500)

BONUS #5: Freedom From Food HOLIDAY & TRAVEL PLAN Live Training (Valued @ $500)







When I started working with Debbie, I was at a real low point. I had a lot of chronic pain, and couldn’t stop eating junk food as a way to numb out from pain and grief. I knew the way I was eating was bad for me and I wanted to stop, but then I also didn’t want to give up the one thing that gave me a little comfort…

I had been to years of therapy, done the Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. I had lot of knowledge about nutrition, but I couldn’t stop eating unhealthy food. 

I started working with Deb but I still didn’t believe in myself. But Deb just told me to keep showing up. So I did. And within about 3 months, something shifted in me. I felt different – in a good way. I felt connected and aligned and intuitively guided and best of all…the food wasn’t calling me anymore! 

I felt empowered around my food choices. I was eating healthier and I actually wanted  to eat those food. It felt good. I felt good. And, I had gotten a diagnosis around my chronic pain, which also helped me to feel more empowered. I felt on track with my health and on track with my freedom from food addiction.”

Monica M, Beauty & Skincare Business Owner

“Before I met Deb I had a love/hate relationship with food. I’d restrict and force myself to eat 100% “on plan” until I felt so deprived that I’d give in and go on a month long binge of unhealthy foods.

After working with Deb, I finally feel free around food. I don’t have “energy” around it anymore. I don’t restrict myself and I don’t binge anymore either. I’m able to stop eating once I’m full and my natural desire today is to eat foods that are healthy for me and that serve my body.

I don’t even eat late at night or stay up late which used to be my favorite thing to do. Today I feel my soul is revived. I feel I have so much to give this life, and while there is always more, I feel I HAVE ARRIVED.”

Lindsey K., Attorney

Before I started working with Debbie I was struggling with feeling lost, uninspired, not speaking up for myself, feeling disconnected from God, my body, and my truth. I was depressed, very critical of myself, and questioning if things would ever change. 

Through Deb’s mentoring I learned how to trust and love myself again, and today I feel connected and have the confidence to speak up and be authentic.”

– Colleen S, Coach

“Before working with Deb I didn’t think it was going to work for me. I’d tried every diet plan out there and I’d lose weight but then kept putting it back on. I invested so much time and energy and KEPT FAILING that I was afraid to try one more thing. 

But I was SO uncomfortable in my skin – my fat clothes weren’t even fitting! And I was isolating a lot so I decided to jump in with both feet.

It was one of the best decisions of my life. Today, I’ve lost over 20 pounds, my marriage is better than it’s ever been, I feel confident just being myself,  and I’m able to speak up.

PLUS…I’m eating to be FED, not to cover up something or stuff something. I’ve never had this experience in my life – eating when I’m hungry and not snacking or eating to cover up pain.”

– Tracy M.

Training At-A-Glance | December 1, 2020 - February 28, 2021

1st Tuesdays of the Month


2nd Tuesdays of the Month


3rd Tuesdays of the Month


It would be my absolute honor to walk alongside you on your path of freedom…

I know from personal experience how lonely and isolating food addiction and obsession can be and I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, you don’t have to do this alone.

I never would have been able to find freedom on my own – I was too “in” my stuff. I needed guidance and support to find out what I was missing and to navigate past my stuckness.

And now, I’m here to support you in the same way. There is an amazing sisterhood of women in this community and we would love to have you with us.

You don’t have to continue going through the motions of life, looking “together” on the outside while feeling anxious and ashamed on the inside.

Your path of freedom can start right here, right now. I would love to guide you along it, every step of the way. Let’s do this together.



A: No, you are going learn how to have a healthier relationship with food without even focusing on food. Instead of putting all your focus on sticking to a certain diet plan and trying to “be good,” the foundational practices you’ll be engaging with in the program are designed to start addressing what’s driving you to food in the first place so that your whole relationship with food changes into something healthier and more aligned.

A: You’ll want to set aside a few minutes each day to engage with one of the core foundational practices of the program, plus a 2hr training with Deb on the first three Tuesdays of each month. You’ll also want to give yourself the mental and physical space to allow for what you are learning to settle in and to explore some of the other practices in the program. So overall, on a week including a call with Deb, you might spend 3-4+ hours engaging with aspects of the program. On a week not including a call with Deb, you might spend 1-2+ hours engaging with aspects of the program.

A: While we do recommend you try to attend every call live for maximum results, if you have to miss one, each call will be recorded and uploaded to your online member portal within 24hrs so you’ll be able to get caught up easily.

A: These are the very foundational practices that helped me and thousands of other women get on our paths of freedom from food addiction and obsession. Individual results may vary but if we can do it, so can you.

A: Many strategies and approaches out there are geared towards weight loss, but they are not specifically tailored to show you how to get free from food addiction and obsession. They are also reliant on personal willpower and “sticking to a food plan.” What I am teaching you is completely different. I’m going to show you are the foundational practices for getting free from the underlying cause that drives food addiction and obsession because when you can address that, you can end the food problem for good. Another thing to consider is that everything you have already tried, and all of the tools you know, have brought you to where you currently are. If you want a new experience with food, it’s going to require you to learn new tools and apply a different approach. That is what I will be teaching you.

A: This program does not subscribe to any one religion or spiritual dogma. Our community, our coaches and this program are open and welcoming to women from all religious backgrounds and affiliations, including women who don’t have a particular religious or spiritual affiliation. This program is, however, for women who want to deepen their own spiritual connection. whatever that means for them. So if a woman is not interested in enlarging her spiritual life at all, then this program might not be the best fit for her.

A: Then you might be a good fit for our Freedom Embodied Academy. To find out if this is the best next step for you, schedule a call with Deb at




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