Welcome to Freedom Embodied Academy

A year-long mentorship program that guides you on the path of...

Getting FREE from food addiction
Feeling COMFORTABLE in your skin
And AUTHENTICALLY shining your light.

The Transformation

In this 1-year mentorship program, you'll be guided step-by-step
by Debbie, alongside an intimate group of like-minded
women as you...

...authentically shine your light

A Proven System

At the heart of Freedom Embodied Academy lies The Congruence Code® a proven, signature
system for getting and staying free from food addiction, feeling comfortable in your skin and
authentically shining your light.

The efficacy of The Congruence Code ® lies in the fact that it frees you from what is DRIVING YOU
TO FOOD in the first place, restoring an internal sense of ease and comfort that eliminates the
need to reach for an external source of ease and comfort (that is found in food).

This is what has the food addiction and obsession fall away, without you even needing to focus on
food - freeing you up to live your life with a greater level of confidence, presence and joy.

The 14 Gateways of the Congruence Code®

The Congruence Code® is comprised of 14 Gateways, or “Access Points” of Freedom that you’ll
move through over the course of the year. This means that you do not have to wait a year to
experience results. You will experience results all along the way.

Building Your Freedom Foundation

Get grounded in your body, clarity on what you’ve been missing that’s keeping you stuck in food addiction and obsession, and discover the REAL solution to lasting freedom, so you can stop trying to fix things with ineffective strategies that have you feeling like a failure.

Step Into Possibility

Gain the secrets to stopping your sabotage pattern for good so you have nothing impeding your path of freedom, learn what it takes to ensure you can’t fail and discover the insider strategies for moving beyond judgment, eliminating anxiety, and being more present.

Trust Your Gut

Learn how to reconnect “in” your body and regain access to and reliance upon your Inner Guidance System so you can feel a greater sense of ease internally, unhook from patterns like people pleasing and trust yourself to make healthy choices.

Get To The Root

Get to the root of what’s been weighing heavy on you that’s contributed to the physical and mental “weight” you carry, so you can get free from these blocks and feel lighter.

Free & Clear

Be guided through a profound spiritual process of becoming FREE and CLEAR of these blocks that weigh heavy on you, so you can feel lighter, have a greater sense of internal ease and comfort, and return to your true, authentic self. This Gateway includes a life-changing retreat called The Free, Clear and Connected Retreat that facilitates this sacred process.

Align Your Mind & Shine Your Light

Discover the blueprint for LASTING freedom from food addiction, having peace of mind and for feeling lighter every day so you can align with your purpose and authentically shine your light.

Returning Home

Once you are feeling lighter, as a result of Gateways 4-7 It is now important to embody this new version of you by establishing a deeper connection with yourself and your body, developing a new sense of safety and cultivating a greater capacity for self care, nurturance and self love.

Create Joy

The grounded sense of connection you develop in Gateway 8 serves as the “launching pad” for your next adventure, where you will activate a new level of joy and get free from your inner perfectionist, as you learn how to unleash your authentic creative expression, live from a deep place of inspiration and have more fun.

Embody Trust

Learn how to embody inner trust at the next level as you go even deeper into your connection with and reliance upon Source so that you can truly live from a place of deep fulfillment, abundance and ease.

Feel Safe Feeling

Cultivate the capacity to feel safe feeling, learn the advanced techniques of integrating stuck emotions, like shame, so they no longer create tension and dis-ease in your body and experience a profound spiritual experience at the Level 2 retreat that will catapult you to a NEW LEVEL of freedom, authentic expression and feeling comfortable in your skin.

Access Your Authenticity

Develop your next level abilities to speak up and honor your truth while honoring others, feel centered and comfortable in your skin during confrontations and uncomfortable communications and feel comfortable and confident being authentically you at all times.

Presence Your Mind & Live Light

Learn how to live from full body congruence - complete mind, heart, gut alignment, where you feel FILLED UP from the inside - where you are ready to live, love and light the world up from an overflowing cup - where you feel freer, and where your relationship with food has transformed.

“The program has changed my thinking on so many
things. I have found my joy again. I no longer have
my chocolate stashes. I also lost 16lbs while in
the program. My relationships have improved as I am just
a happier person to be around...

Are you ready to get free from food addiction,
feel comfortable in your skin and authentically
shine your light?

Take the first step in the application process for the Freedom Embodied
Academy by scheduling a call.

Structure & Support Along The Way

Freedom LOVES structure - the right kind of structure. Where you are held in a safe, nonjudgmental space,
with the exact kind of accountability and support you need to stay engaged
with your process, move past any resistance that arises, and gain the next level distinctions that
will catapult you forward on your path of lasting freedom.

Monthly Calls

Each month, you'll join Deb and your Freedom Embodied sisters online for an interactive, Congruence Code Training, on the Gateway or Gateways of the month where you'll learn the next level tools and teachings for embodying your next level of freedom.

You'll also get two Laser Coaching and Q&A sessions each month, where you'll get personalized coaching and support from Deb that will give you the distinctions you need to blast through any barriers or blind spots and fast-track your results.

With these three calls every month, there is never too much time that passes before we are coming together as a community and you are receiving the support you need.


Twice in the year, we will come together for a life-changing immersion called the Free, Clear and Connected Retreat where you will be guided through a profound spiritual process of getting free and clear of the things weighing you down internally, and causing internal discomfort and dis-ease, so that you can feel lighter, be more connected to yourself and the world around you and have a greater sense of ease and comfort. (At this time all retreats are virtual)

Facebook Group

In addition, you'll receive VIP access to the Freedom Embodied Academy Class of 2020-2021 private Facebook Group where you can connect with the other woman alongside you on this journey, share about your experience, receive guidance and get inspired.

Accountability Sistership

You also have the opportunity to be connected with one or more accountability sisters who you can meet weekly with, going over your answers to your writing exercises with one another, sharing about your experience and truly realizing you are not alone in your journey. Many women have made lifelong friends through this program as a result of being accountability sisters.

“Before joining the Freedom Embodied Academy, I
didn’t think ANYTHING was going to work for me... But
I dove into the program and gave it my all...and it was
more than worth it! I lost over 20lbs and my marriage
is now better than ever...

Are you ready to get on your path of freedom and feel lighter from the inside out?

What Your Program Includes


“Before I started working with Deb I was at the end
of my rope and beyond exhausted with my food
addiction. Today my life is rewarding, fun, scary
sometimes and not always easy. But now I have a
process that is like no other that anyone can do...

Are you ready to feel comfortable in your skin and confident being your authentic self?

Freedom Embodied Academy is for you if…

This is where the Freedom Embodied Academy comes in.

Because when you know the REAL solution to lasting freedom…

And you have access to a proven system that will get you there...

Plus the right kind of structure and support to help you move through any resistance that arises, stay accountable and get the exact guidance you need every step of the way…

All of that goes away.

You find your new footing, noticing your anxiety diminish, as you develop the ability to connect in your body and be present.

You start accessing and relying on your Inner Guidance in a whole new way, which restores your self confidence and saves you from hours of worry and obsession each day.

You now move through life with an inner sense of being “ok” no matter what is going on around you and this has you feeling a greater ease and comfort in situations that used to stress you out or cause anxiety.

And your food addiction is not there anymore. You don’t remember an exact day or time when it happened. It’s more that you notice things in retrospect.

Like the first time you go to bed without even thinking about making a late nite snack. Or when you register legitimate hunger pangs, realizing it’s time for lunch and you hadn’t thought about food since breakfast. 

You notice the ability to be present with people instead of your mind wandering, thinking about what to eat, and you realize that this time is different.

Instead, the problem has been removed. The obsession has lifted. And you are free.

If what your heart yearns for deep down is freedom from food addiction, to feel comfortable in your skin and to feel at home being your authentic self…

Then schedule a call with Deb to see if the Freedom Embodied Academy is the next step for you.

“I met Debbie at at exactly the divine moment. She
was the answer to a deep prayer. My life was good, I
was outwardly successful, but there was a black hole
that followed me around; I could not get a handle on
my eating.

Are you ready to move beyond your addiction and authentically shine your light?