Day 1:
Get Clarity On The REAL Problem!

Today’s training is all about:

  • The #1 mistake so many smart women make that keeps them stuck in the bingeing/restricting/obsessing cycle with food – and what to do instead
  • What drives food fixation in the first place and how to address it in order to stop the sabotage cycle for good
  • My simple formula to create an internal state of ease and comfort that makes food addiction and obsession fall away

Day 2:
Get Out Of Your Head and Feel Comfortable In Your Skin

Today’s training is all about:

  • The 6 “diseases of disembodiment” and how living in your head actually creates more stress, anxiety and OBSESSION!
  • The secret to getting out of your head and feeling comfortable in your skin
  • My 10 second anxiety and overwhelm buster that you can do anytime anywhere

Day 3:
Trust Your Gut

Today’s training is all about:

  • How to solve the self doubt problem and why doing so is a VITAL key to ending your food obsession for good
  • The secret about gaining control that keeps most smart women stuck in struggle – and what to do instead!
  • Your “Trifecta of Inner Trust,” and how to use all 3 aspects as a guide to make healthy choices with food (and in every area of your life)

Day 4:
Take Congruent Action

Today’s training is all about:

  • What living congruently vs. incongruently means and why being congruent is paramount to your path of freedom from food obsession
  • The secret to having a deeply fulfilling, meaning life with the mental space and energy to focus on the things most important to you
  • 16 ways to distinguish your “Truth” voice from your “Fear” voice so you can avoid sabotage and stay aligned with your path of freedom.

Day 5:
Access Your Authenticity

Today’s training is all about:

  • How inauthenticity blocks your freedom from food obsession and the key to reclaiming and restoring your authentic expression
  • The secret to stopping people pleasing, perfectionism and trying to prove yourself
  • How to feel lighter on the inside and “ok” no matter what is going on around you

Special Bonus:
Freedom From Food Activation Workshop

In this workshop, you will:

  • Get a review of the whole 5 Day Training that highlights the most important parts so you can get the key distinctions you need to move you forward on your path of freedom
  • Discover the top 5 blocks that prevent women from getting on the path of real, lasting freedom (and what to do to move past them!)
  • Experience a powerful clarity breakthrough to help you activate your path of freedom from food addiction and obsession

If you have any other additional questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]. We would love to assist you!