Are you ready to end your food struggle for good?

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Get On Your Path Of Lasting Freedom From Food Addiction
With Support from Debbie, the Freedom Team
& A Sisterhood Of Like-Minded Women Who Are Sharing The Journey Alongside You.

If you're a high-achieving woman struggling with a lack of control with food in spite of everything you know, I'm so glad you're here...

July 23rd - 25th 2022

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Do you look "together" on the outside but inside feel stuck and frustrated from constantly trying to fix yourself?

If you have TONS of nutrition knowledge, but you still…

…eat when you’re not hungry

…keep eating even when you get full 

…and reach for foods you KNOW don’t work for your body…

Then I have good news for you.

I Want To Show You That New Way.

This is your invitation.
Join me for an exclusive 3-Day Freedom Embodied Virtual Retreat.
And find out how to have lasting freedom from food.

Event Value: $1000
Special 90% Off Price: $97

At the Freedom Embodied 3 Day Virtual Retreat you'll:

Still Not Sure If This Event Is For You?

Answer these three simple questions:


Do you want to discover the path of LASTING freedom from food addiction, obsession or sabotage?


Do you want to trust yourself and feel confident about your choices?


Do you want to be connected in your body and comfortable in your skin?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, Then this event is for you.

(Special 90% Off Tickets Currently Available)

So whether you’re just coming to terms with having a food addiction…


You’ve been ready for FREEDOM from food addiction for years…

What's Included



Inside this 3 month program, you’ll discover how to get on your path of freedom from food using simple techniques designed to bring you into body, mind, spirit alignment.
So that you can start developing an internal sense of ease and comfort that makes reaching for food (an external source of ease and comfort) a thing of the past.

Here’s what’s included...


3 Online Training Sessions with Deb -Includes PROVEN tools and practices (2 hrs - Valued @ $1300)

Each training session includes:
A content-rich deep dive into of one of the 3 major foundational aspects to your path of freedom.
Step-by-step guidelines for how to implement these foundational tools right away, so that you have what you need to experience more ease with food now.


3 Clarity Breakthrough Group Coaching Calls (2 hrs - Valued @ $1000)

Get your biggest questions answered and laser coaching so you can gain the distinctions and insights that will catapult you on your path of freedom.


3 Accountability & Action Calls (2 hrs - Valued @ $500)

These calls are designed to help you stay connected, stay supported & stay in ACTION to build momentum on your path of freedom from food addiction.


5 Day-A-Week Virtual Coaching In Your Private FB Community (PRICELESS)

Ask questions M-F and get support from Debbie and the Freedom Embodied Accountability Mentor Sisters - so you get the distinctions you need to build your foundation of freedom.
Experience the power of women on the same journey alongside you sharing their inspiration, vulnerability, and ah-has and helping you to not feel alone on your path.
Step-by-step guidelines for how to implement these foundational tools right away, so that you have what you need to experience more ease with food now.
Be uplifted by a community of women inspiring each other to stretch beyond what they thought possible…

Join us at the Freedom Embodied 3 Day Virtual Retreat as we take a deep dive into:


Saturday July 23rd

9:30am - 5:30pm PST:

"Activating Your Next Level of Freedom & Fulfillment"

6:30pm -7:15pm PST:

BONUS: Gentle Breathwork Session

Develop your personal ‘Freedom & Fulfillment Vision’ and discover the key to turning this vision into your reality.

Discover what you’ve been missing that’s kept you stuck in food obsession, diet cycles and endlessly trying to fix yourself – and the secret to having freedom from all of these patterns.


Sunday July 24th

9:30am - 5:30pm PST:

"Learning The Pathway of Lasting Freedom From Food"

6:30 - 7:30pm PST:

BONUS: Sabotage Breakthrough Session with Deb

Find out the top Hidden Sabotage Patterns that block freedom and the secret to moving beyond them.

Learn the ‘Proven Pathway for Lasting Freedom From Food,’ so you can start on a new path with clarity and conviction.


Monday July 25th

9:30am - 3:30pm PST:

"Accessing More Inner Trust & Stepping Into The Woman You Were Always Meant to Be"

Discover the secret to operating from inner trust and confidence in your choices – with food and in every area of your life.

Experience a Guided Freedom Embodied Activation that will allow you to tap into a new level of consciousness and a new YOU

(Special 90% Off Tickets On Sale)

Why This Is Different:

When women who’re getting caught in the overeating and obsessing cycle come to me, they are sick and tired of the diets, feeling out of control and trying to fix what’s wrong.

They don’t need more nutrition information or a new food plan.

What they need is to end the frustration, find out why they’re driven to food in the first place and discover the proven path of FREEDOM.

That’s why this event is about showing you what it takes to get on your path of lasting freedom  – so you can finally feel at ease inside and have the confidence to authentically shine your light.

Why This Is Different:

Women who’re sick and tired of feeling out of control with food and constantly trying to fix what’s wrong

don’t need more nutrition information or a new food plan.

What they need is to find out WHY they’re driven to food in the first place and discover the proven path of LASTING FREEDOM.

That’s what this event is about. 

Showing you what it takes to end the overeating and obsessing cycle for good  – so you can finally feel comfortable in your skin, be present  for the things that matter to you most, and have the confidence to be your true, authentic self.

What Women Are Saying…

“Before I started working with Deb I’d been overwhelmed for years by my binging and weight loss attempts. I tried every nutrition plan known to mankind, 12 steps, therapy, studied with Spiritual Masters and read bookcases of self help books. I was beyond frustration and ashamed of myself as a health care provider giving advice. I felt like a failure – I just never did what I was supposed to do.

After applying the freedom framework, I no longer craved foods I used to binge on, I stopped thinking about what to eat all the time, and lost a few pants sizes without even focusing on it. I became more present, had less judgement and my marriage and other relationships greatly improved.
Today, I wake up happier. I feel free – like I can breath easier. I’m spiritually connected, and can trust my gut and intuition to guide my choices. The path Debbie has created is different. It’s integrative, transformative, and truly magical for me. It’s been life changing, and at 65 that means a lot!”

– Tomi B., Retired Healthcare ProviderOwner

“I met Debbie at at exactly the divine moment. I’m sure everyone feels that. But for me, she was the answer to a deep prayer. My life was good, I was outwardly successful, but there was a black hole that followed me around; I could not get a handle on my eating.

I had tried diets and tapping and books but with no success. Then I signed up to work with Debbie and she led me through a detailed, spiritually profound process. I am so grateful for the care, community and tools that have set me free. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her if this is your struggle too; you will find a home in Debbie’s community and in her enormous heart.” 

– Hollie H. Mom, Writer

“Before I started working with Deb I was at the end of my rope and beyond exhausted with my food addiction – exhausted and looking for a silver bullet that would make me acceptable to the world and take away my pain. I was ready to try one last thing or just cave into my food addiction till it killed me. As a result of the work we did together, I was able to gain more clarity about my food addiction and obsession and how to move into freedom using a formula that actually works. I have been on this journey with other wonderful women who I now call family.

I have been free to be vulnerable, honest and as a result, have lost 20 lbs, have met my life partner after years of being single and have started an energy healing practice, living my purpose. Today I am authentic, able to be in the present moment and the food addiction no longer consumes me. My life is rewarding, fun, scary sometimes and not always easy. But now I have a process that is like no other. Its foundation for healing that anyone can do. There is great joy and hope in my world now. There are no silver bullets. But the good news is there is something better and it’s this program and Debbie!”

– Jackie B, Consultant, Coach

About Debbie…

For over a decade, Freedom Embodied Academy founder, Debbie Lichter, has helped smart, spiritually-minded women get free from food addiction, food obsession and out of control eating, so they can feel comfortable in their skin, shine their light authentically and be the women they were always meant to be.

As a food addiction expert, spiritual mentor and embodiment coach, who worked for COSMOPOLITAN Magazine internationally, Debbie navigated her own path to freedom from food and drug addiction, severe perfectionism, anxiety and self doubt, and today combines 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry with her signature Congruence Code™ system that helps women come into alignment with their true selves, so they can feel lighter, live from a deep place of inner trust, experience more joy, and have a truly fulfilling life.

Debbie has conducted over 300 classes, workshops and trainings in the areas of food addiction, spirituality and self care and is currently working with women internationally through her online trainings, events, programs and retreats. 

What MORE Women Are Saying…

When I started working with Debbie, I was at a real low point. I had a lot of chronic pain, and couldn’t stop eating junk food as a way to numb out from pain and grief. I knew the way I was eating was bad for me and I wanted to stop, but then I also didn’t want to give up the one thing that gave me a little comfort…

I had been to years of therapy, done the Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. I had lot of knowledge about nutrition, but I couldn’t stop eating unhealthy food. 

I started working with Deb but I still didn’t believe in myself. But Deb just told me to keep showing up. So I did. And within about 3 months, something shifted in me. I felt different – in a good way. I felt connected and aligned and intuitively guided and best of all…the food wasn’t calling me anymore! 

I felt empowered around my food choices. I was eating healthier and I actually wanted  to eat those food. It felt good. I felt good. And, I had gotten a diagnosis around my chronic pain, which also helped me to feel more empowered. I felt on track with my health and on track with my freedom from food addiction.”

Monica M, Beauty & Skincare Business Owner

“Before I met Deb I had a love/hate relationship with food. I’d restrict and force myself to eat 100% “on plan” until I felt so deprived that I’d give in and go on a month long binge of unhealthy foods.

After working with Deb, I finally feel free around food. I don’t have “energy” around it anymore. I don’t restrict myself and I don’t binge anymore either. I’m able to stop eating once I’m full and my natural desire today is to eat foods that are healthy for me and that serve my body.

I don’t even eat late at night or stay up late which used to be my favorite thing to do. Today I feel my soul is revived. I feel I have so much to give this life, and while there is always more, I feel I HAVE ARRIVED.”

Lindsey K., Attorney

Before I started working with Debbie I was struggling with feeling lost, uninspired, not speaking up for myself, feeling disconnected from God, my body, and my truth. I was depressed, very critical of myself, and questioning if things would ever change. 

Through Deb’s mentoring I learned how to trust and love myself again, and today I feel connected and have the confidence to speak up and be authentic.”

– Colleen S, Coach

“Before working with Deb I didn’t think it was going to work for me. I’d tried every diet plan out there and I’d lose weight but then kept putting it back on. I invested so much time and energy and KEPT FAILING that I was afraid to try one more thing. 

But I was SO uncomfortable in my skin – my fat clothes weren’t even fitting! And I was isolating a lot so I decided to jump in with both feet.

It was one of the best decisions of my life. Today, I’ve lost over 20 pounds, my marriage is better than it’s ever been, I feel confident just being myself,  and I’m able to speak up.

PLUS…I’m eating to be FED, not to cover up something or stuff something. I’ve never had this experience in my life – eating when I’m hungry and not snacking or eating to cover up pain.”

– Tracy M.

Event Value: $1000

Special 90% Off Price: $97

1st Tuesdays of the Month​


2nd Tuesdays of the Month


3rd Tuesdays of the Month



A: No, you are going learn how to have a healthier relationship with food without even focusing on food. Instead of putting all your focus on sticking to a certain diet plan and trying to “be good,” the foundational practices you’ll be engaging with in the program are designed to start addressing what’s driving you to food in the first place so that your whole relationship with food changes into something healthier and more aligned.

A: You’ll want to set aside a few minutes each day to engage with one of the core foundational practices of the program, plus a 2hr training with Deb on the first three Tuesdays of each month. You’ll also want to give yourself the mental and physical space to allow for what you are learning to settle in and to explore some of the other practices in the program. So overall, on a week including a call with Deb, you might spend 3-4+ hours engaging with aspects of the program. On a week not including a call with Deb, you might spend 1-2+ hours engaging with aspects of the program.

A: While we do recommend you try to attend every call live for maximum results, if you have to miss one, each call will be recorded and uploaded to your online member portal within 24hrs so you’ll be able to get caught up easily.

A: These are the very foundational practices that helped me and thousands of other women get on our paths of freedom from food addiction and obsession. Individual results may vary but if we can do it, so can you.

A: Many strategies and approaches out there are geared towards weight loss, but they are not specifically tailored to show you how to get free from food addiction and obsession. They are also reliant on personal willpower and “sticking to a food plan.” What I am teaching you is completely different. I’m going to show you are the foundational practices for getting free from the underlying cause that drives food addiction and obsession because when you can address that, you can end the food problem for good. Another thing to consider is that everything you have already tried, and all of the tools you know, have brought you to where you currently are. If you want a new experience with food, it’s going to require you to learn new tools and apply a different approach. That is what I will be teaching you.

A: This program does not subscribe to any one religion or spiritual dogma. Our community, our coaches and this program are open and welcoming to women from all religious backgrounds and affiliations, including women who don’t have a particular religious or spiritual affiliation. This program is, however, for women who want to deepen their own spiritual connection. whatever that means for them. So if a woman is not interested in enlarging her spiritual life at all, then this program might not be the best fit for her.

A: Then you might be a good fit for our Freedom Embodied Academy. To find out if this is the best next step for you, schedule a call with Deb at http://freefromfoodclarity.today