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Get The FREE Divinity Embodied Activation Teaching


Dear Sister,

If you’ve been feeling a deep desire to shed old ways of operating and to step into your True Self, you’re not alone. 

This is the natural progression for women called to a deeper life of meaning and contribution.

Because at one point on our journey, the deeper truth of who we are starts calling us forward, inviting us to expand beyond the construct of who we’ve been. 

And to the extent we resist or ignore it, we start feeling increasingly unsettled, irritated or tense.

It is time to ask, ‘who am i?’ and what is my ‘Work’? 

The invitation that awaits now is to discover the deeper purpose for which you were called into this life. 

And to uncover the ground of your being from where that deeper purpose will flow.

If hearing this resonates for you at an intuitive level, then you are in the right place.

As someone who spent decades seeking, searching and self improving, constantly working – or working on myself – I am so grateful that today the search has ended. 

For what I’ve discovered, is that one’s True Work (the deeper purpose for which you were called into this life), comes by embodying the True Self. 

And rather than endlessly seeking and searching for the right set of circumstances to align to finally be who we came here to be… 

All that’s needed is to dissolve what’s been obscuring the Truth that’s been here all along.

So if you long to end your seeking and search too – and to step into your True Self and your True Work now, it would be an honor to support you.

You are walking a unique path. AND we are also all in this together. 

I would not have uncovered my True Self and True Work if it were not for the mentorship and guidance of others. 

So to the extent that my path of “self-uncovery” can support you in yours, it would be an honor to walk alongside you. 



Are you REady To Step Into Your True Self and Your True Work?

Private Coaching for women coaches, business owners and professionals called to contribute to the evolution of humanity.

  • Discover how to come home to and rest in your True self 
  • Unravel patterns of rigidity, control, reactivity and feeling misunderstood
  • Get free from resentment, fear and judgment
  • Deepen your capacity for trusting and following your intuition

Are you Ready To Embody Your Divinity?

The Divinity Embodied Mystery School is for women who want to know the Truth of who you are, so you can can…

  • Trust and follow your intuition
  • Operate at a level of consciousness beyond addictions
  • Serve a higher purpose simply by being yourself
  • Feel at home and at rest in your body
  • Have a richer and more enjoyable life

Are you REady To Be Free From Food?

The Freedom Embodied Academy is for women who are ready to…

  • Finally be FREE from food addiction and obsession,
  • Feel comfortable in your skin
  • And authentically shine your light


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The first time I felt that unquenchable spiritual longing I was at home, alone, a few years out of food and drug recovery, and the realization hit:

My whole life – all the striving and proving and perfecting…all the compulsions and control and the need for validation…

All the ways I was trying to be more, weigh less and access an alternate reality…

ALL of it was a clumsy, patchwork attempt to experience what my heart and soul longed for.

The desire to know myself fully – as one with the Infinite Awareness that some call God.

And that desire has never left. In fact, it has guided every aspect of my life for the past 20 years.

I know that I am not alone in this calling. If you can relate, I am so glad we’ve found each other. 

And I am so happy to connect on a call to see if I can support you in any way on this holy path of self-discovery.